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Cuisine of Iceland

I am of Dutch heritage and Scandinavian according to 23 and Me, so Iceland feels like my people in some ways. One of the things I love, that my Dutch friend would send me from the Netherlands, is black licorice. My little sister despises it. It is unpopular in many bags of jelly beans, but I love it! Icelanders do too, and I dug into a couple of black licorice treats. If that looks like a rotten banana in candy form (but black licorice and banana flavor), it is. And move over chocolate-dipped Dairy Queen for Black Licorice dipped soft serve!

banana black licorice candy
black licorice dipped soft serve

If you google the food specialties in Iceland, you will find things like fermented shark, dried fish, and sheep's head. I would say try it because you never know. I did not try those things on my trip, but maybe next time! What I can strongly recommend is the dairy -- Skyr "yogurt" and all of the cheese! I bought both at the grocery store, and it is so good.

jar Icelandic feta cheese

Being an island, seafood is obviously good, and I mentioned in my Iceland post the yummy langoustine legs, which are a crustacean between a mini lobster and a prawn. I had a nice fish and chips once (because it was pricey) and a seafood crepe.

seafood crepe with sauce

Of course, there are the hot dogs made from a combination of lamb, pork, and beef at the gas stations and the one I tried from the Meistarinn good truck with beans and cheese.

iceland food truck
cheese beans hot dog

My detour to the Meistarinn Food Truck was skippable, but I stumbled on Cafe Emil in the small town of Grundarfjordur while waiting for the food truck to open. It was a combo bookstore, cafe, and museum complete with a boat inside. It felt like a social meet-up place for the locals. Sadly, it seems to be closed now, but it made the long detour fun as I sipped my coffee, watched the locals, and indulged in a meringue cake!

coffee meringue cake berries

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