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Let's Eat!

Updated: 4 days ago

Going on a food tour to Morocco gave me a lot of opportunities to try some interesting and tasty dishes. In the past, I have had some dietary restrictions, but I eat almost everything now, which allows me to try it all! Let me tell you, Morocco has great food!

street food Morocoo

In Rabat, we tried these sardine fritters with a vegetable slaw on a sandwich. Freshly fried, right on the street, it was crispy and very tasty!

Everywhere you go, Moroccans serve you mint tea. It is green tea, mint, and sugar. We enjoyed a glass sea side with a plate of delicious cookies made with almond meal.

mint tea in glass

At the winery, my favorites were the olive oil and the Rose. I carried this bottle of olive oil to several towns after and shared it with the group so we could enjoy it as much as possible!

Moroccan olive oil

Our meal in Fes was amazing. I loved the variety of dishes we got to try. The little bowls had tasty things like beets, spiced carrots, slaws, and a pumpkin puree I couldn't get enough of. I ordered the traditional chicken pastilla, which the restaurant is known for. Chicken pastilla is a mix of sweet and savory with a chicken and onion filling combined with orange blossom, cinnamon, and almonds dusted with sugar on the top.

Roadside BBQ, anyone?! Fresh lamb, freshly grilled--what more can I say?

Last, but not least, my beloved coffee, and my new love for semolina breads. Is your mouth watering? Mine sure is!

Moroccan coffee
semolina bread and mint tea



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